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Item No. D53-X1
Compressed Cotton Towel
Item No. L61-SP-01
Ceramic Mug
Model No. 1213
Plastic Card Holder
Item No. F17-A-11
Nail Handle Fan
Item No. F17-A-14
Chopsticks Fan
Item No. F17-A-21
Outsize Gum Fan
Model No. 1038
Model No. 1107
Lanyard with Card Holder.
Item No. K43-8093.
Laptop Bag.
Item No. K43-S6062.
Laptop Bag.
Item No. Y25-YH-0029-30-32-33.
Computer Bags.
Item No. S111-1505.
Shoulder / Hand Carry / Backpack.
Item No. A10-WB-8006
Rubber Photo Frame Magnet
Item No. C51-S302.
Mini Fan.
Item No. S62-SL56512
Electronic Fan
Item No : S62-SL-56167
Mini Fan
Item No. J34-X1
Compressed Towel
Item No. R13-X1.
Magic Towel.
Item No. S93-X1 & S93-X2.
Ball Chain With Zincalloy Pendant.
Model 804
Plastic Rotation Flying Bird.
Item No. C36-226A
Beer Mug.
Item No. C36-1124W
Color Changing Mug.
Item No. C36-HC1124.
Color Changing Mug.
Mode 752.
Cotton Cap.
Item No. B14-CYP-105.
Mouse Pad with USB Hub.
Item No. O10-WC083 & 022.
Microfibre Optical Cloth.
Item No. E14-ELE1591.
Cow Shape USB HUB.
Item No. E14-ELE1581.
Car Shape USB HUB.
Chinese Blessing Charm
Item No. Y26-A0019.
Item No. Y26-A0060.
Item No. Y26-TT30A.
Item No. C46-CR-A412.
Zip Portfolio.
Item No. C46-CR-B406.
Simple Folder with Metal Corner
Item No. C46-CR-B412.
Simple Folder.
Item No. C46-CR-P430.
Zip Portfolio with Calculator.
Item No. I9-RB-SLR2.
Rubber Slipper USB Flash Drive.
Item No. S70-SY2037
Corporate Desktop Pen-Holder.
Item No. M369-SP007.
Flashing Pen.
Item No. S48-3590.
Book Light.

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