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Item No. W48-WS96-1443.
Polyresin Crocodile.
Easter Jumbo Pen
Item No. M50-MA61041.
Christmas Jumbo Pen.
Item No. B27-PA027B.
Bear Soap.
Item No. Y15-AC-1.
"Duck Family" Candle.
Item No. Y15-AC-3.
"Duck" Candle.
Item No. G10-P2372.
7.5 cm (H) Frosted Sitting Frog.
Iten No. Y15-AC-4.
"Dog" Candle.
Item No. Y15-AC-5.
"Hen" Candle.
Item No. K12-KE-CAN01
Candle Light
Item No. G10-P1476.
5 cm (H) Pig Candle.
Item No. G10-P1477.
5.5 cm (H) Turtle Candle.
Item No. G10-P1478.
5 cm (H) Whale Candle.
Item No. G10-P1479.
6 cm (H) Dolphin Candle.
Item No. G10-P1501-4-4.
2 cm Thick Animals Floating Candle (Set of 4 : Duck, Turtle, Frog, Monkey) .
Item No. G10-P2270A-D.
9 cm (H) Chicken Candle, 4 Asst.
Item No. G10-P2373.
5.5 cm (H) Frosted Sitting Frog.
Item No. G10-P2477A-D.
11 cm (H) Frosted Rabbit Holding Fruits. 4 Asst. : w/ Pine apple, Grapes, Carrot, Pear.
Item No. G10-P2529A-D.
7 cm (H) Frosted Ball Shape Sheep Candle.
Item No. F2-FRC50-528-35A & Item No. F2-FRC50-528-35B
Ceramic Elephant.
Item No. F2-FRC50-538-45A & Item No. F2-FRC50-538-45B.
Ceramic Turtle.
Item No. F2-FRC50-541-5A.
Ceramic Cow
Item No. F2-FRC50-544-35/A-B-C.
Ceramic Cat.
Item No. F2-FRC50-547-45A & Item No. F2-FRC50-547-45B.
Ceramic Giraffe
Item No. F2-FRC50-549-45A.
Ceramic Cow
Item No. F2-FRC50-565-5A & Item No. F2-FRC50-565-5B.
Ceramic Elephant
Item No. Y17-PG-C002.
Glass - Pig.
Item No. Y17-PG-BB01.
Glass - Pig.
Item No. Z5-X4.
Tiger Stone Carving.
Item No. Z5-X10.
Monkey Stone Carving.
Item No. Z5-X13.
Pig Stone Carving.
Item No. X4-242065.
Ceramic Frog.
Item No. X4-242066.
Ceramic Frog.
Item No. X4-242261.
Ceramic Duck.
Item No. X4-242262.
Ceramic Duck.

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