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Item No. Y5-X8.
Plastic Cup.
Item No. Y5-X7.
Plastic Cup.
Item No. D117-D0143.
"HAMMER" Double Wall Plastic Tumber (28 Oz.)
Item No. D117-D0070.
12 Oz. Plastic Tumbler (Funnel Shaped).
Item No. D117-D0058.
20 Oz. Plastic Beer Mug.
Item No. D117-D0044.
16 Oz. Plastic Beer Mug.
Item No. D117-D0040.
14 Oz. Plastic Tumbler.
Item No. D117-D0039.
9 Oz. Plastic Tumbler.
Item No. D117-D0036.
20 Oz. Plastic Tumbler.
1Item No. D117-D0035.
5 Oz. Plastic Tumbler.
Item No. S212-1637 & #S212-1648C.
Plastic Cloth Hanger & Plastic Turning Hanger with Clips.
Item No. S212-262.
2 Pcs set of Plastic Divided Food Boxes.
Item No. S212-263.
3 Pcs set of Plastic Round Food Boxes.
Item No. S212-727P.
16 oz. Plastic Mug with Stripe Printing.
Item No. S212-8230.
Plastic Small Vegetable Grater with Drawer.
MItem No. S212-8233.
Metal Potato Chipper.
Item No. S212-927 & 928B.
Plastic Tea Cup & Saucer Set w/o Printed Flowers.
Item No. S212-K6-C.
7 Pcs. Six Utensil.
Item No. S212-T95.
24 Pcs. Picnic Set in PVC Duffle Bag.
Item No. W682-WF017.
GPPS Plastic Ice Bucket With Handle, Lid and Clip.

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